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Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

Cindy Lee Haddock

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Born in Houston in 1959 to an aerospace engineer/physicist and an inventive former farm girl, Cindy Childress was brought up to be a creative person.  Both sides of her family boasted of handcrafters, musicians and writers, and traveling so much from one military project to the next with her family often left the three children learning to cheaply entertain themselves as well as fix, then make their own toys so they wouldn't have to leave them behind in the next move.  Friends who saw Cindy's creations started asking for one of their own, and the young entrepreneur soon found her recesses spent doing toy portraits, then stuffed animals for extra money.  Soon after entering Rice University, Cindy was a regular fixture at Houston area science fiction conventions, winning awards for her sewing both for her stuffed animals and her costume designs.  Much to the upset of her professors, her entries from the art major show were also featured in her senior year annual, and included her found object sculptures, a fantasy drawing, and a stuffed dragon, but not some of the more conventional art featured at the show.  She graduated in 1982 with a double BA in Fine Arts and Psychology.  She did a few stints as a commercial artist and retail sales manager, did sci fi conventions in Kansas and Houston picking up a few more awards, but wanted something more stable.
Moving to Austin in 1986, she married Ed Haddock, another fellow artist from Houston.  They had met in Houston as supervisors of adjoining departments at Texas Art Supply, but then Cindy was given a job offer as an art director in Austin and off the two of them went.  Soon after that, the company folded, and Cindy spent time as a manager for the local Petland chain, then a designer for Schafer Crystal.  She'd always been into music, and started winning awards as a songwriter and fronting her own band, doing her own promotional material and artwork, handing it to her hubby Ed, who worked in various commercial art and printing firms over that time period so she could better control the quality of the printing job.  After a little research, she then opened The Unicorn Garden officially in 1990, and has been seen doing Austin and Central Texas art shows as well as working out of the Austin Renaissance Market ever since.  Starting in 2001, she opened the online version you are on now, and is slowly finding a more international audience, slowly building a good client portfolio and expanding her line, as well as adding computer art and basic web design to her array of products.

Our Company

The Unicorn Garden website is a longtime dream come true for Cindy.  With the tap of a few keys, people from all over the US can now order her goodies, and she can keep her prices low because she doesn't have to set up shop at a lot of expensive shows that many of her customers might not bother to attend and have to cover all those costs.  You don't have to just wait until the next University of Texas home game to shop at her booth, you can just IM her on Yahoo! and iron out your order 7 days a week.
Coming from both a commercial and fine art background, and having an degree in industrial/organizational psychology as well as being a toymaker, costume designer and musician, Cindy has an innovative yet likeable line of jewelry and art.  She likes to come up with products that are usable, durable classics that won't just be another fad item you clutter your home with.  Her jewelry can be worn even in the shower, her stuffed animals can be washed for years and still look great, and her artwork has an ageless charm that attracts children and adults alike.  If needed, The Unicorn Garden also offers services in logo design, ad copy, advertising artwork, and simple promotional materials for your business.  Being a musician herself, Cindy has a good feel for what musicians like, so feel free to ask for CD artwork and promotional packages for your band, not just cool jewelry to outfit yourself with onstage and off.



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